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Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst has worked with thousands of families throughout Southwest Florida to provide tools and techniques to help them reduce behavior problems and help teach appropriate behaviors.  Whether you are struggling with bedtime, getting off to school in the morning, or more serious behaviors such as fighting or stealing, let us work with you to find the right way to deal with the specific problems for your family.  We will develop a behavior plan individually tailored to your unique needs to ensure your family is happier and more harmonious and give you tools for long lasting change!

Applied Behavior Analysis is an effective intervention for:

  • Children and adolescents presenting challenging behaviors
  • Adolescents with substance use concerns
  • Children  and adolescents transitioning through the adoption process
  • Children and adolescents who have experienced trauma
  • Children and adolescents who have mental health diagnoses
  • Children and adolescents with developmental delays
  • Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Behavior Analyst, Anjali Van Drie, conducting a parent training.

The field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence based practice that has its roots in learning and behavior.  It is the science of human behavior with a focus on socially significant behaviors-the behaviors that matter to you.   ABA examines what is happening in the immediate environment that is contributing to the occurrence of a specific behavior.  Today,  ABA is used in a variety of settings to help change behavior. You will find principles of behavior analysis used in classrooms,  environmental science, health and fitness,  language acquisition, gerontology, parenting, and countless other areas! All behavior analysts must go through rigorous training including coursework, clinical hours, and passing an exam to become board certified, ensuring the highest quality of care for the families they work with.

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