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There is no cure for autism; however, Family Success Services can work with you to develop individualized intervention plans tailored to address the unique needs of each individual with autism. 

Why ABA?
A widely accepted treatment for ASD is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA examines environmental factors contributing to the occurrence of behaviors. The goals in this treatment involve reducing unfavorable behaviors and shaping and reinforcing new preferred behaviors, such as learning to communicative or social skills. ABA interventions vary and can involve intensive, one-on-one child-clinician interaction for up to 40 hours a week or less intense, more naturalistic therapy in the home and community depending on the needs of your child. 

The CDC recommends ABA interventions as the best approach for children with an ASD diagnosis. Research demonstrates behavioral therapy can significantly improve cognitive and language skills when implemented consistently. 

At Family Success Services, we believe behavioral intervention should involve a child’s whole family. Our program includes national board certified behavior analysts coming to your home and providing services, including you and your family to maximize the opportunities to be successful. The behavior analyst and the rest of our team will work with your family to develop and implement a plan specific to your child's goals including behaviors to decrease and behaviors to increase. As your child develops and acquires social and learning skills, different interventions and supports become applicable. For instance, when children enter school, targeted social skills programs and specialized approaches to teaching may be beneficial to the autistic child. (Learn more about our Family Initiative, Incorporated Autism Playgroup).

Applied Behavior Analysis

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